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Dear Readers - sometime in the next 30 days, this site will be retired. We will be taking a backup of the site and its contents and may make available a printable copy of the content if there is sufficient interest. To make your interest known, please use the "Contact Us" page below to send us a message expressing your interest.



Dear Friends,

On June 10th, at approximately 3:30pm central, Douglas Buchanan ended his earthly journey and made his transition surrounded by his wife and family. He will be greatly missed, and will forever be in our hearts

As details become available I will post further information here. However, please, repectfully give Shirley and Douglas' surviving family the time and space they need at this time.

Feel free to write comments there is only one rule - no negativity!

Douglas' facebook profile is here:

May 10 1941, my 9/11


While Douglas is recovering from surgery, he's asked me to re-post some articles to do with the history of the period May 8th through May 10th. No doubt we'll also remember May 1st, the day bin Laden was killed - The GateKeeper

As the years go by, or rather swish by for long lived people, it seems as if almost every day of the year becomes an anniversary of something or other. Saturday May 10th is no exception for people of my nationality and generation.

Many things have happened on May 10th over the centuries. Coming close to our time for example a feminist who had spirit guidance, Victoria Woodhull, ran for President of the United States on that day in 1872. Coming closer, Fred Astaire was born on May 10th 1899, and what actually may be significant because of the German talent for detail, Winston Churchill became Prime Minister of Britain on May 10th 1940. On the anniversary of that day in 1941, Londoners received an experience that none of the survivors have ever forgotten.

Take Easter back from the Church

The material at the end of this article will show where I stand in relation to Church and State. I am naïve enough to believe that some few people may be able to assimilate facts that directly contradict their learned dogma, not many, but some. That’s why I carry on writing against the rising tide of ignorant fundamentalist dogma and continuous Catholic dictatorship.

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