We Create our own Reality 1 (Scientific evidence)

Something that has been known in other cultures for many centuries is finally becoming known in this one. Floods of books and tapes on Eastern religions, sub-atomic physics, quantum theory, and the metaphysics of becoming a millionaire, are all pointing to the same primal, spiritual, fact of human existence.

Life is lived and created from the inside.

It isn't something that impinges on us from the outside. We are NOT victims of circumstances. We make our circumstances like a spider makes its web and then walks about on it. An action as simple (not easy) as changing an attitude can completely change a life, sometimes in an instant.

My previous posting, Free yourself from imposed Limitations, touches on this matter.

There are at least two major entry points to the awareness of this law of life available to the person who is naturally suspicious of anything that disturbs his comfort zone, so I have chosen two areas, one in which the proof is scientific, and the other is well documented historically. This first article deals with the scientific one. Tomorrow I will deal with the historical one.

It is a well-known fact to researchers in the field of hypnosis that a hypnotized subject can, in some way, tap into the senses of other people. Sir William Barrett is a British physicist who documented how a young girl was hypnotized and told that she would taste whatever he tasted. He stood behind the blindfolded girl and put various substances such as salt, sugar, mustard, ginger etc. into his mouth. In every instance she reported tasting the same thing.

Leonid Vasiliev, the Soviet researcher quotes a study in the 50's in which the subject not only tasted what the hypnotist tasted but smelled the smell when the hypnotist smelled ammonia, heard the ticking of a watch when the hypnotist held it to his own ear, and felt the prick when the hypnotist pricked himself with a needle. The experiment was done in such a way that it prevented the subject from getting any sensory clues.

This ability to tap into the senses of other people is NOT limited to hypnotic states. Puttell and Targ did a famous set of experiments at the Stanford Research Institute in California. They found that just about everyone they tested had the capacity of remote viewing; the ability to describe what a distant test subject was viewing. They found that simply by relaxing and describing the pictures that came to mind, person after person could remote view. The US Army has done many experiments on remote viewing for intelligence gathering purposes. Graduates of their programs have retired from the Army and are now teaching the same methods to the public for large fees.

These findings have been duplicated by scores of labs all over the world. Remote viewing seems to be a latent ability in all of us. The Princeton Anomalies project corroborated these findings.

One receiver, the famous physicist Jahn, tried to plug in to what a subject was looking at in Paris, France, a city he had never been to. He saw a busy street scene but couldn't understand the "knight in armor" picture that came to him. When the time schedules were compared, it was discovered that the subject had been standing in front of a government building ornamented with statues of historical figures, one of which was a knight in armor.

These phenomena are now just scientific data. They need not be the subject of headlines in The Enquirer. It is only ignorance that says they do not occur, or that there is no evidence.

We as humans are deeply interconnected with one another even when we are not aware of it, and we construct our shared realities from the shared data that we collect from each other. Our "reality" turns out to be a tacit agreement that "this can happen" and "this can't." When someone is able to step outside the agreement, so-called miracles occur. That will be the subject of the next post.

We live together in a consensual hypnotic state in which only the suggestions agreed upon by our upbringing are allowed. We arise every morning from our private dream and enter into our own community or cultural version of the public dream.

The great spiritual leaders of the world are those who have woken from this public dream too, and see a different reality from the still-hypnotized masses. Monks came to the Buddha to fix once for all the debate they were having about whether he was a man or a god. The first spokesman asked, “Are you a god?” Buddha answered, “No.” The next one asked, “Are you a man?” Buddha answered, “No.” Their only two options gone they all shouted, “What are you then?” Buddha answered, “I am awake.” Buddha means "The awakened One." He, like many other enlightened beings, had awakened from the public dream, the walking hypnosis the majority of the world shares.

Gurdjieff, the great Russian mystic, taught Ouspensky, a world-class mathematician, how to do simple mindful meditation, the same as is taught now by Thich Nhat Hanh, the famous Zen monk. After three months practice he took Ouspensky downtown in Tiflis, and Ouspensky realized that only he and Gurdjieff were awake. Everyone else was going about their business in a dream world that they all shared. The same is true of your village, town, or city right now.

The way in which this public dream system works has been demonstrated scientifically in an amazing experiment at the University of California. Charles Tart, a professor of psychology there had two graduate students Anne and Bill. Each was capable of a deep trance state and both were capable hypnotists. He had Anne hypnotize Bill and then had the hypnotized Bill in turn hypnotize Anne.

Tart's ingenious idea was that the well known, powerful rapport that already exists between hypnotist and subject would be strengthened by this unusual procedure.

He was right. When they opened their eyes they reported that everything seemed grey. Then the greyness was replaced by the vision of a beach whose sand glowed like diamonds, whose rocks were crystals pulsating with a beautiful internal light, and whose waves were great bubbles of unearthly beauty. Such visions occur when the pineal gland excretes more DMT than usual, often during the death process.

Tart quickly realized that Bill and Anne were actually experiencing the same “hallucinated” reality. They found themselves together in this Paradise, walking hand in hand, or swimming together in the marvelous sea, exploring their new world.

They apparently stopped talking for a while, and when Tart questioned them about their silence he found that in their shared reality they were talking to each other, in Tart’s reality they weren’t. Their communication was paranormal as far as Tart's experience of it.

In session after session the two constructed and shared various realities, all involving all five senses, and all as real as the world in which they left Tart behind. They discussed details of their shared experiences for which there was no verbal hypnotic stimulus. They felt that they must actually have been in the places they experienced together. The world they were experiencing was like ours:

It was a three dimensional reality made from consciousness and shared by those whose thought processes created it.

Eastern and Western mystics have been saying exactly this for centuries, and the experts in sub-atomic physics and quantum theory have been hinting at it for decades. There are people like Jahn and Dunne who are world famous in the field of advanced physics, who say quite bluntly that instead of discovering the latest crop of sub-atomic particles, physicists may actually be creating them.

They cite the anomalon, a recently discovered particle, whose properties vary from laboratory to laboratory depending on the pre-conceptions/expectations of the finder/creator. Michael Talbot illustrates this fact of sub-atomic physics for the layman by comparing it to a car with different colors and features, depending on who drives it!

Investigators into psychedelic drugs have often described similar realities experienced during a controlled drug trip, realities that totally changed the viewpoint of the subjects about the nature of human consciousness, and our mundane, shared reality.

In connection with the idea that we could be all sharing a hypnotic reality Talbot tells the story of a hypnotist hired by Talbot's father to entertain the party guests. His father's friend, Tom, turned out to be a good subject and the hypnotist did the usual stage tricks with Tom. The astonishing finale came when Tom was told that when he came out of his trance his teen age daughter, Laura, would not be visible to him.

Laura was standing right in front of the chair where Tom was sitting. When asked if he could see her in the room he looked all over for her and said that she wasn't there. When asked again, and in spite of the fact that Laura was giggling loudly in front of him, Tom again said she was not there.

Then the hypnotist went behind Laura and pulled something from his pocket so that nobody in the room could see what it was. He pressed it against Laura's back and asked Tom what it was. Tom leaned forward as if looking through his daughter and said it was a watch. When asked if he could read the inscription Tom squinted a bit and read out the inscription and the name of the person who was not known by anyone in the room. Tom's report to Talbot was that all he could see was the watch cupped in the hand of the hypnotist.

The important thing to note is that if the hypnotist hadn't finally released him from the last suggestion, Tom would have had no idea that he wasn't experiencing our normal consensus reality. He may never have seen his daughter again. And he wasn't using his normal five senses when he read the inscription through the invisible body of his daughter. If the hypnotist had hypnotized everyone in the room then Laura would have been invisible to all of them, and they could all have read the inscription too.

Look at the life we now lead in this light. Many of those who read this blog regularly can see things that many others cannot. Have they been hypnotized by a public consensus that those things are not there, have we been hypnotized to know that they are, or have we been released from a suggestion that they still obey? Consider how many of your friends and enemies are actually like Bill and Anne, living in a perfectly shared, three dimensional reality with some of us outside, in our own slightly different, but still thought-created universes.

A good media interpretation of what is actually going on is in the movie Matrix. Get the DVD for the first movie and watch it with what I have reported in mind.

Happy dreams, public and private! Choose good ones. It IS a choice.

(Note: The final result of the Bill/Anne experiment was that they both became afraid because their shared reality became more real than the one they shared with Tart and the rest of us. They stopped the experiment, were de-hypnotized, and Bill even gave up hypnotism altogether because he couldn't handle the possibilities it suggested concerning "reality.")

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