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The Truth about Christmas...Part 4

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a song almost as likely to be heard this time of year as I’m dreaming of a White Christmas. Like all songs it has a little story and some trivia associated with it. Here is the modern story, and we’ll try and pull in some ancient stuff at the end to connect Rudolph with the far past.

The True Story of Christmas...Part 2

It’s only one day now to the REAL reason for the season, whatever the Baptist Church notice boards say and I think it is worth doing this every year because my comments show me that every year at least a few people are clued in to the facts of the matter and the way their churches and preachers have deceived them for years.

As the Theosophical Society motto says…There is no religion higher than truth…though many have thought they were and made up a great deal of dogma for the sake of power over the ignorant.

The Goddess of Guadalupe

December 12th is coming up and is the day specially devoted to Tonantzin the goddess renamed as The Lady of Guadalupe by the Spaniards. Here is a behind the scenes look at the famous incident of the one I always regard as the Lady Sophia.

Those Wicked Muslims!

I have been astonished to read the savage comments on Facebook about the ‘mosque’ that is being planned a couple of blocks away from what is called ground zero of the 9/11 incident. What was apparently planned as a conciliatory gesture was turned into an insult by the spinners.

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