I Ching

Unsolved and Ignored Mysteries

You may have noticed from the rather jaundiced approach of some recent posts that I am getting bored with current events which are mainly tales of criminality in high places, deliberate deception of the public by the media, and official hypocrisy by those pretending to be public servants as they swill their trunks in the public trough.

So for a while at least I will focus on things that may be more important in some ways, but do not have much public exposure.

Ancient Oracles, Modern Science

Probably the two most widely used oracles today are the I Ching and the Tarot. The English translation from the German of Wilhelm's I Ching came out in 1950 with a famous foreword by Jung, describing how he used it, and explaining the principle of synchronicity. Since then many other versions have been produced in English. Some by Chinese Taoist scholars.

But since 1950 I have used it in one form or another as an oracle whenever reason and knowledge failed to cast light on a problem. It has never failed.

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